Sponsor Medical Treatment


Funding and facilitating medical care, surgeries and emergency medical relief for the most needy comes from the same motivation that Jesus had when he healed the sick and provided for the most needy. Jesus' greatest agenda was to deal with man's greatest problem, sin, but Christ’s love for man's whole self, meant he also addressed people's physical problems as he went about fulfilling His calling on earth. 

Through discipleship we point people to Christ for their greatest need, salvation from sin, but according to the means we have, we also assist people in their physical sickness. 

To do that we need your partnership.  





Donations $2 and over are tax deductible in Australia to the extent permitted by law.

What you get: A 6-monthly report on what your donations have supported. 

If donations for medical ministry exceed the amount needed, money will be redirected to other projects.


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