Our History


It all began with a missionary back in 2007. 

Mick grew up in Harrington, a little seaside town on the mid north coast of New South Wales, Australia. Later studying and working in Newcastle, he was first called to Kenya in 2007. He initially lived and worked with the Samburu for 18 months. Returning to study at Sydney Missionary and Bible College, Mick continued work with the Samburu part time. In 2014 Mick returned to Kenya fulltime “There are too many reasons for not leaving Australia, but love for the lost and impoverished of Northern Kenya compels me to go”. 

Mick's work began discipling the Samburu to know, obey and serve Christ. Discipleship work continues, however much of his time is now spent leading ministry teams, and training staff and volunteers. 

Literacy classes came to life, education sponsorships began, and medical needs were addressed. Helping them in their need was a natural byproduct of discipling.

The newly trained Samburu are now pivotal in the expanding outreach, evangelism, and teaching in the Bible and ministry training school. There are 35 permanent staff, and more than 70 volunteers. The fruit has increased exponentially. The Lord has changed hearts. Scripture proves powerful in the lives of the lost.