Who we are


Mission Samburu works over a vast area among the Samburu tribe of Northern Kenya. The Samburu are a semi-nomadic people who move with their livestock according to the seasons. In constant warfare with neighbouring tribes, many children grow up without a father, or missing brothers and uncles. Healthcare is largely out of reach at a distance too far to travel, and no means to pay for it.

The Samburu live on blood and milk, worship their mountain dwelling animistic gods and consult witchdoctors to banish their fears. There are about 310,000 Samburu (related to the Maasai) living in the Marsabit District and less than 2% of those living in the remote areas north of South Horr have been reached with the gospel, but where salvation has been heard, people have responded.


"we work in partnership"


Mission Samburu in Australia is two entities, Mission Samburu Australia Limited (MSAL) and Mission Samburu Ministry Limited (MSML), that partner with Christian Samburu organisations to plant churches, train disciples, and care for the physical and social needs of their communities. MSAL provides tax deductible donations for much of the work and MSML funds projects that are not eligible for tax deductibility.

We also partner with Christians and churches outside of Kenya in their role of reaching others for Christ, by giving them the opportunity to support the Samburu partners through prayer, finances and advocating for their needs.